Menage3B - Baby Makes Four
by Steven R Green
Book Excerpt:

After a mindful round of stretching, Jack toyed with several machines before heading to the treadmill. He passed some of the regular members on his way. Eric and Doug were spotting for each other. Tight abdominals and bulging pectorals were their trademarks; but they were working with arms and shoulders at the moment. With encouragement from Doug, and warnings to not lock his elbows, Eric achieved his goal for the day. Taking a minute to recover, Eric got up so they could switch roles. On a break between sets, they eased into casual conversation.
“Did you see that new personal trainer? I’d so want to poke that.”
“Totally! Tight body. I think the spandex was painted on her. I could use a piece of that.” They noticed Jack heading for the treadmill. “What do you think, Jack?”
“Sorry, guys,” he replied in passing. “I just got here. Never got to see her.”
“There she is,” whispered Eric with a nudge. “Coming out of Studio One! You like that?”
Jack wanted to be affable. “Yeah, she’s nice,” he opined half-heartedly. “Very flexible. She probably works out a lot. She’s seems friendly.”
“You think?” asked Doug with a wink to Eric. “Go ahead, Jack. Go say hello to her.”
Jack didn’t like the taunting. “Not now. I got a treadmill waiting for me,” he countered. “Besides, I’m satisfied at home.”
“Yeah,” said Eric with a sneer. “I’ll bet you have that at home.” He and Doug snickered.
Jack stopped and wanted to make a strong announcement; but he restrained himself. “Like I said, I’m kept satisfied.” He glared at them and stood his ground.
“Whatever, man.” Eric realized he had stepped over a line. “Chill out, OK? Just joking around.”
Jack relaxed and offered a suggestion. “She’s a trainer. She’s here for the members. When she walks over here, ask her for some advice about the workout. Talk to her.” He turned to Doug. “And don’t drool on her.”
Eric laughed out loud. “Wow! He got you!”
When Jack left them, Eric took Doug aside. “What do you think he meant about being satisfied? You think his wife is that hot?”
“I don’t know,” replied Doug, somewhat humbled. “Maybe he’s just bragging.” He then introduced a hypothesis. “It might be a cover.” He winked and shook his dangling hand.
“No way! You think he’s…”
“When does he ever react to the women here? He gossips with them! He talks about shoes and clothes. And relationships!”
Eric considered the possibility. “He knows a lot about art, and dancing. I think he watches us at the bench press.”
“You’ll see,” concluded Doug with certainty. “Sooner or later, that closet will open.
“Yeah, just look at that hot item.” Eric again studied the female trainer from a distance. “And he didn’t react to her. He wanted to hide that, his non-reaction. So he gets hostile.” They reached a logical conclusion.
Jack checked the treadmill. He pressed buttons to see if the speed and height controls were working. He grasped the handles to check the heart rate monitor. Satisfied with the results, he wrapped his towel around a bar and stuck his water bottle in a holder. Starting slowly, he gradually worked up to a healthy sweat. Holding the rail, he closed his eyes. Images of recent episodes ran through his mind. Dazzle was an impressive enterprise. He was curious about the “history” Ashley alluded to, but he wouldn’t interrogate her. The bedroom scene last night was wonderful. With Barbara on top of him, and Ashley behind her, kissing her passionately. The energy shot between all three of them like a jolt of lightning. After the eruption, Barbara and Jack playfully feasted upon Ashley, who moaned happily. The electricity from Ashley’s fingertips worked wonders. There was barely a refractory phase. The second release is always intense, like a waterfall cascading through his body. He was glad that most evenings were more serene; but last night was exceptional. There must have been a particular moon phase or hormonal concurrence. No wonder he was a bit tired.
As he continued with his jog, passionate memories receded and more domestic daydreams came to the fore. Marilyn was growing rapidly. The child was wide-eyed and alert, curious and responsive. Sounds were forming into words. She related readily to every one. The other day, while Ashley was absorbed in her latest painting, Marilyn was sitting in her playpen and watching her mother. Jack had entered the studio and caught the moment. The child did not fidget restlessly. Instead, she studied Ashley mindfully. When Jack relayed that to Ashley, she made a plan to paint such a scene.
Jack was impressed by how well Ashley had adapted to motherhood. Despite the positive indicators, he was concerned about the sadness he detected at the brasserie.. For Barbara and him, it was less of an issue.
Although he had an exhausting night and a busy day, the workout did revive him. He wiped down the treadmill and finished his water. The new trainer entered the studio while Jack was catching a second wind. She was very attractive, in a severely slender, perfectly balanced, and disciplined straight hair sort of way. Her waterproof mascara emphasized eyes with the hint of an oriental squint.
“Hi,” said Jack casually. “You’re a new trainer?” he asked.
With a friendly but cautious smile, she said, “Uh huh. Dance and yoga.”
“Oh,” said Jack readily. “My wife does that in early morning classes.”
He asked about several familiar dance steps and the young woman was put at ease. “Maybe you could help me with those moves. I could surprise Ashley if I did it right.”
“Your wife is Ashley?” asked the trainer gingerly. “She’s awesome!”
After a few more idle remarks, she said, “Show me what confuses you.”
Jack stood up and ran through a routine. “I see what you’re doing. Watch me do it slowly.” In time, he had the moves down.
The slender trainer and Jack left Studio One together, talking and laughing easily. Eric and Doug watched them chat with a natural ease.
“Sonofabitch!” exclaimed Eric. “He did say hello to her!”
“Yeah,” countered Doug dejectedly. “They’re probably swapping cooking recipes.”
Eric studied their interaction. “Hmm. There’s no sign of any flirting.”
“Whatever,” said Doug. “It’s time to work on biceps.”
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