Book Excerpt:

Ashley walked into the Art Class wearing a loose-fitting robe. The art students, who were jabbering and laughing a moment before, went suddenly silent. With the style of a dancer, her posture was straight and poised. Her long slender legs escaped her robe as she moved with a confident stride to the center platform. Her hair was clamped back and her amber eyes pierced the atmosphere. The class instructor, a handsome woman in her mid-40s, nodded to Ashley with a familiar smile. “I don’t want your sketches to insult our model tonight,” she said as several students grunted. “Of course, no painting can do Ashley justice.”
“Thank you, Gabby,” voiced Ashley in her deep soft tone. The students knew their strict instructor as Gabrielle Winston; the use of “Gabby” was alien, out of context, for them. Ashley unclipped her hair and a golden stream descended upon her shoulders and across her face. She sat on a stool with her legs extended. Several male students turned away in a futile attempt to maintain the image of mature sophistication. But anticipation of further exposure led to the clearing of several throats.
Ashley took over the session. “This is a full nude exercise,” she said to no one’s surprise. “It is important to overcome the initial jolt. The mystery, the tease, only serves to agitate the artist. This stifles creativity.” Ashley stared around the room with a sense of generosity toward the students who were being respectful and composed. She rose from the stool and faced the audience. She let her robe slide from her body, leaving her completely nude. She had shaved away her private hair and removed her flats to free her feet. “Go ahead,” she invited them. “Look at me. No shame. Be curious.” For fifteen minutes, she posed and twirled for their benefit. “We have to be comfortable with each other, natural, like a day at a nude beach.”
Ms. Winston could never control Ashley. She just let her create the atmosphere.
She joined in the moment. “When you feel comfortable and ready to draw, raise your hand.” Most of the female students raised their hands readily at the first direction. One female, a stunning lesbian, took her time to everyone’s entertainment. Two males finally forced their arms up in surrender.
Ashley approached the last holdout. He watched her coming toward him and raised his arm quickly. The class burst into laughter. She stood before him, nude and beautiful, and stared into his eyes. He courageously stared back at her.
With no hint of anger, she softly inquired of him, “Can you explain your delay?”
With a guttural moan and a weak cough, he answered her. “I was…thinking.”
“What were you thinking?” she persisted.
“Oh, c’mon,” he replied nervously. “Really?”
“Yes, really,” she answered and the class snickered. “I’m not trying to embarrass you. Trust me. What were you thinking? In detail.” Her probing yellow eyes shot through him.
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