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Surviving A Frightening Diagnosis

Posted on 3/10/2015

Now I know how Nancy felt as she awaited her fate in Kansas. Since mid-November, I have been on a journey that was often surrealistic; at other times, only too real. Feeling a lack of energy on the treadmill, I went for a regular medical check-up. All the lab work was fine. No other symptoms were apparent. Then, an endoscope discovered the growth in my stomach. Yeah, it was cancer. 

But the tumor had not progressed too far. After a phase of chemotherapy, I underwent surgery on Saturday, Feb. 28th. My surgeon was Dr. Vivian Strong, a charismatic, powerful, highly skilled practitioner who, by the way, is also beautiful. It was like she stepped out of my novels, a combined reckoning of Barbara and Ashley.The surgery was done robotically, similar to a laparactomy. All results look very good. After the surgery, I developed some pneumonia. All in all, I was in Memorial Sloane Kettering for seven days. Except for a residual weakness, I'm doing fine.

On HBO's VICE this month, there is a fascinating documentary titled, "Killing Cancer". They mean it. Viruses are re-programed to attack the tumors and do no harm to the body.Check out that show!

When I think about Dr. Vivian Strong, I can't help but think about all the potential Dr. Strongs in major portions of the world who will never get their chance. I think of huge stretches of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, where women are still treated like chattel, treated as if they had no innate value. It's beyond tragic. As all this energy of Anima is suppressed, the terrible imbalance gives us the Animus of horrors like ISIS (not the Egyptian goddess)!

Don't skip the scans and scopes! The lab results are not enough!

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