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The big turkey in Turkey

Posted on 2/5/2015

In a supplement to one of my previous blogs,I described the pseudo-puritan hypocrisy that brought down the Gary Hart Presidential campaign. If Mr. Hart were elected in the 1990s, we probably would not have had BushI, BushII, or either Iraqi war. Since that post, I have given out my Gary Hart Award, every month, to another victim of pseudo-moralistic nonsense.

Today's Award was inspired by an article in the NY Times on 11/24/14 about the current ideology spreading through the nation of Turkey.In 1920, Kemal Ataturk was determined to establish a modern egalitarian society.Unfortunately, the current president has other plans. Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended a Women's Conference in November to declare that women were not equal to men. He called for all Turkish women to bear at least three children. He argued against cesarian sections because they "prevent women from having more children". Of course, he wanted to abolish all abortions.

When he claimed that Muslim sailors made it to America before Columbus, that's possible enough. After all, the Vikings made a few brief visits as well.   

Then we get to his revisions of Biology text books. Pictures of genitals are covered over with "fluffy ducklings" and "cute polar bears". In these biology textbooks, the word, "breast" is removed! Oh my! The Turkish doctors who are trained this way are in for a surprise!

So my Gary Hart Award goes collectively to all the women of modern Turkey, which is slipping back into the twelfth century. 

FYI, the painting is " Cupido" by Edvard Munch.

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