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At Last, Sappho is back!

Posted on 7/21/2018

     After committing to extensive and obsessive research, and conquering the frustrations of self-publishing, I am proud to announce that “Tyrants and Poets” is now available online at Amazon, Nook (B&N), Rakuten-Kobo, and Smashwords. By connecting the fragments of Sappho’s history and her poetry, viable characters and a reasonable plot had emerged. I now have a deep respect for Sappho and her “sparrows” and the significant roots of the goddess Aphrodite.

      The time is 600 BC. Cleis is a fifteen-year-old girl in archaic Athens. After having completed the mandatory rite of passage, she is forced into an arranged marriage with a Spartan hoplite. But Cleis seeks a different destiny. She escapes on the boat owned by Charoxos, the brother of Sappho, the famous Poetess of Lesbos. The poets had the power of a new form of social media: the written word! Cleis soon becomes Sappho’s favorite “sparrow” as they honor the goddess Aphrodite, and the many varieties of Love.

   Based on valid historical research, the archaic age comes alive for the reader. Meet Aesop, the teller of fables; Draco, the strict lawgiver; Solon, the archon who'd rather be a poet; Doricha, the Egyptian, who wins the heart of Charoxos; Croesus, King of Lydia; the tragic Periander of Corinth; and many more, including early philosophers and a band of Amazons!

   Become familiar with the gods and goddesses of a time that resonates with our own. This novel reminds us of the Power of the Written Word!



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