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Uma Thurman Makes Broadway Debut!

Posted on 11/13/2017

This Saturday, we saw Uma Thurman in the preview of the play, "The Parisian Woman". It's a role in which she's more subdued than usual --- until she makes her moves! Check-mate! The devious, subtle, nuanced, manipulations of Washington DC politics are on display; plus the discreet machinations of the wives of powerful men. The "Parisian Woman" has flexible sexual proclivities in an open marriage. Those come in handy for her and her husband. Low-keyed and secretive, the play sneaks up on you and then haunts you. I'm glad the characters aren't over-played. If you like sneaky, sarcastic, slippery interactions, be sure to see this play!

 Uma has starred in some of my favorite films: “Henry and June”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill”, “Dangerous Liaisons”. She was also notable in a few other films of less renown, including “Super Ex-Girlfriend” and “Golden Bowl”. Because of these roles, one might expect a very charismatic and intense performance. But, no. Ms. Thurman is a classy professional. She blended in with the cast rather than hover above them; and the role required subtlety and implication. At the finale, the entire cast accepted the applause from the audience with no solo bows. But when the character, Chloe, makes her move, it’s the strategy of a precise chess player. Her chosen mark is left with nowhere to run.

 The open relationship of Chloe and her husband, Tom (Josh Lucas), could be a reflection of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone deBeauvoir. That, and the fact that Chloe is bisexual, supply the couple with ample tools in D.C. politics. It also exposes the audience to a lifestyle that they’re left to consider. The “B” in LGBTQ is gradually coming to the fore in our culture. The “B” could threaten every one’s status quo and push a deeper revolution that even a Pence couldn’t resist. Thank you, Pam MacKinnon, for a thought-provoking piece of theatre.

 By the way, in a recent interview, Uma was questioned about Harvey Weinstein. She replied that she was not yet ready to make a statement; but her tone and inflection, communicated a clear message. Like Chloe, when she plays her hand, cards will fall!

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