Steve Green was a clinical social worker for over thirty years. He helped individuals through painful life transitions, worked with couples in conflict, and treated people with serious psychiatric disorders. He is now pursuing his dream of writing quality fiction. He also has a diploma in Computer Programming, which served as inspiration for his first novel, “Beyond The Lock” (previously published as "Interlock"). That novel covers themes of computer logic vs. human reasoning, mental health treatment, and cultural evolution. For 15 years, Steve specialized in the treatment of women with eating disorders and related women's issues. His later novels included topics such as gender roles, sexual abuse and exploitation. 

In his exploration of relationship and social issues, Steve is often intrigued by the idea of evolution on both a physical and cultural level. He views life as a constant dynamic of change and adaptation. He observes the yin/yang dynamic of tradition vs. innovation.

His novels often contain erotic content. He recognizes a deep human need for intimacy and sensual exploration. The mutual trust and shared passion serve as a counter to modern tensions and frustrations. 

He and his wife currently reside in Rockland County, New York.

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